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In today’s digital economy, the only thing that separates winners from the rest is how fast one can transform digitally. It’s simple: a legacy IT system means you will never be able to catch up especially in this time of the new norm. Now is the time to embrace innovation and think bigger.

HPE Superdome Flex 280 is your one system to accelerate digital transformation at your own pace and budget.

Powered by HPE Superdome Flex modular, building-block architecture and 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, this breakthrough server delivers modernized, AI-integrated computing optimized for mission-critical and data- intensive applications – enabling market resiliency and cost-efficient growth for businesses of all sizes.
Partnering with Red Hat, HPE Superdome Flex sets high standards for availability and performance for your critical Linux workloads. Superdome Flex 280 will be offered as-a-service, through HPE GreenLake, that helps you grow from two processors to eight in 2-socket increments as a single system, and capitalize on 64 GB to 2TB of shared memory using high-performance DRAM or in combination with Intel® Optane persistent memory 200 series for HPE. And this is just the beginning.
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Customer Speaker

William Francis
Head of IT, Strategy and Human Capital,
Mandiri Tunas Finance Indonesia
Hear from our customer speaker on how digital transformation helps the multi-finance company dramatically reduce business analytic processing by eight times and make real-time insights available for swift business decision.

Key topics include:

  • Introducing HPE’s new as-a-service building block for digital transformation
  • Digital transformation: a customer viewpoint & sharing of best practices
  • Explore HPE’s Superdome Flex 280 platform & partner solutions
  • Experience & consume Cloud on premise

Featured case study


Burger King


  • Objective
  • Improve ERP application performance to streamline supply chain and enable timely financial reporting.
  • Approach
  • Improve ERP application performance to streamline supply chain and enable timely financial reporting.
  • Result
  • Increased CPU’s performance and efficiency running at 10-15% capacity, in turn enabling key financial processes to complete at a fraction of the time it took in the past.
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“It used to take 24 to 28 hours on our old platform to complete all batch processing, and no one could do anything else on the systems while that was happening. On the HPE Superdome Flex, we run the batch processing in six hours, so it completes overnight, and the finance staff can start work again first thing in the morning.”

- Maksim Tsvetkov, Director of IT, Burger King Russia


The value of HPE Superdome Flex through the lens of customers
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